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Friday, November 14, 2008
Comcast adds another nuisance fee for bill payments
It seems to be getting tougher and tougher these days for the consumers. More and more companies seems to be tacking fee after fee, especially in this environment where people are losing jobs, prices are high and there’s lot of uncertainty. Earlier, it was the airlines which started imposing checking baggage fee. Now, just called Comcast to pay my bill via its automated bill payment option over the phone. However, found out that starting this month, Comcast will start charging $2 "convenience fee" for using its automated bill payment service.

The company was already charging additional fee if paying bill through its live customer service reps over the phone but automated bill payment service used to be free. However, I was surprised by additional this nuisance fee. And to think of it, they call it "convenience fee"! What convenience is it providing? Especially since you are listening to an automatic system which is extremely slow and requires considerable time and patience to enter credit card, zip code other info! In addition, regardless of whether you are calling from your home phone number or not, you still have to enter your Comcast account number even though the instructions say that if calling from home number, you don’t need to have your account number.

Fortunately, I went to Comcast’s Web site and found out that it now accepts credit card payments over the Web in our area – there was no mention about any convenience fee, so am assuming its free. I didn’t realize that they offered this option. A while back when I had logged in to my Comcast account, it only allowed me to make payment via debit from my bank account. However, I prefer using credit cards and this new option of making credit card payments over the Web is definitely better than paying over the phone. Bill Payment FAQs
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