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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Links for redeeming frequent flier milers for magazines from various programs
Recently, a reader asked a question regarding redeeming United Airlines miles for magazines. So decided to do some search and get direct links for redeeming miles offered by some of the major airlines. In most cases, the magazines are provided by a company whose customer service number is 1-800-586-9632. In some cases, when the links below don't allow miles redemption for miles, it may be possible to call the company by phone and ask for redemption.

The links are provided below and seem to be correct. However, let me know if there are any broken links. Also, some airlines may not always offer mile redemption for mags. In that case, you can take a look at site which is a free site and allows mileage redemption for miles, gift cards and other merchandise from several different airlines.

Redeeming frequent flyer miles for magazines is good way to make use of unused miles as well as create an activity in your frequent flier account which in turn renews them for another 18 months on many airlines' programs.

Here're the links:

American Airlines: American Airlines: Magazines for Miles

Continental Airlines: Continental Airlines: Magazines for Miles

Delta Airlines: Delta Airlines: Magazines for Miles

Hawaiian Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines: Magazines for Miles

Midwest Airlines: Midwest Airlines: Magazines for Miles

Northwest Airlines: Northwest Airlines: Magazines for Miles

United Airlines: United Airlines: Magazines for Miles

US Air: US Air: Magazines for Miles and US Air: Magazines for Miles

For miles redemption for magazines and other merchandise (applies to American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Aeroplan, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Iceland Air):  eLearners  Earn Rewards at MyPoints.


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